About Me

I am an SF-based Lindy Hopper, Choreographer and Cabaret Show producer. I teach world-wide to spread the joy of swing with my partner Mikey Pedroza.

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My Dance Background

I started dancing lindy hop and balboa in the summer of 2004 while in New York. I quickly fell in love with the dance because of the music, the energy and above all the community. Since I came from a professional dance training, I was interested in performing, competing and choreography from the get-go. I started training in Balboa with my first dance partner Joon Chang in 2008, which is also the same time I started working with Sister Kate. Around 2010, I became very interested in cabaret shows and began to work with Sister Kate to create self-produced variety shows. In 2012, I ran my first Jump Session show, which is the kick off performance to Camp Jitterbug at the historic Benaroya Hall. Over the years, I have worked with several dance partners, dance troupes and countless routines to bring swing into the performance world.

Class Material

  1. Lindy Hop 80%
  2. Solo Jazz 60%
  3. Balboa 40%
  4. Expressin' yo bad self 90%
My approach to dance instruction is based on the simple principle that we all improve through practice, inspiration, and more practice. I work with students to help them find their personal style, new rhythms and a connection to the unique dance tradition that makes lindy hop special. Learn more about my thoughts on teaching here.